Shopping @ Stores

Most stores have the same general coupon and sale policies, but there are a few time and money saving tips and tricks to learn (that I had to learn the hard way) about each store, that will hopefully save you some hassle and money.

This will sounds crazy, but I score most of my biggest & baddest deals at “overpriced” stores like Tops, Rite Aid, CVS and Walgreens. Not to say that you can’t coupon at Walmart or B J’s and score some awesome deals,  cause I know people that do, I just find that if I shop at an “overpriced” store they have more room to offer bigger deals on prices which when combined with coupons can be very profitable.

But before you even think about hitting up some deals, if you haven’t brushed up on your Couponing 101, I would suggest hopping over there first, so this section makes a little more sense. It;s fairly quick and painless, I promise.

Here are the links to the store pages that will tell you everything you need to know, as briefly as I possibly can explain.

Drug Stores:
Ok, so Rite Aid is my store of choice. I always get some awesome deals there, and it’s a stones throw away from my house. So naturally I wrote the most about that store. Not all of them are that long and detailed though. I promise, but even if you don’t think you will shop at Rite Aid, it might be a good read, just because I put my heart and soul into it…

Shopping @ Rite Aid
Shopping @ Walgreens
Shopping @ CVS

Big Box Stores:
Shopping @ Target
Shopping @ Walmart

Grocery Stores:
Shopping @ Tops 







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