I’m still here….

So I feel like I have been abandoning my blog, I haven’t, I’ve just been super busy with the family, and the holiday weekend. Also, I have a confessions to make….. I’ve become a sewing addict again…. so you can expect my blog to be brimming with wonderful new sewing projects. yay. I seem to have thrown my back out, which has put a damper on the home decorating projects, but just give me a little time and I will get back to them, until then I’m off to hear the sweet sound of my Singer, and hopefully come back to you with some cool new stuff.


My RA Shopping Trip

This week was a good week for us, and I don’t think I’m done yet. Me and the boys went shopping today, and even though we didn’t get out until Tuesday, they had everything I was looking for in stock, and I even cashed in some rain checks from last week.

We scored:

3 Gillette Pro-Glide Razors
1 Gillette Pro-Glide Power Razor
4 packages of OB tampons
2 tubes crest toothpaste
6 Old Spice Deodorants
6 Old Spice Body Sprays
5 bags of Tide stain release gel packs
2  spray bottles of shout  stain remover

Grand Total Out of Pocket: $11.86
Total Value of Product: $178.58

Not too shabby!!

Rite Aid Match-Ups for 7/3/11

Gillette Proglide- $9.97
– Use $4/1 (P&G 6/5) = $5.97
– Get $5 UPR = $.97

Crest toothpaste= $2.57
– UPR = $2.00 = $.57

Aveeno Hair Care = $5.99
– $2/1 (recyclebank) = $3.99
– $1 VV = $2.99
– $1 UPR = $1.99

Dulcolax = $6.99
– $3/1 printable (Balance) = $3.99
– $2 UPR = $1.99
– $2/1 printable = $4.99
– $2 UPR = $2.99

Old Spice Deo & Body Spray = $8.00
– B1G1 (P&G 7/3) = $4.00
– $1/2 (P&G 7/3) = $ 3.00
– $1 UPR = $1.00 = .50 each
Secret Deo & Spray =$8.00
B1G1 (P&G 6/5) = $4.00
$2 UPR =$2.00 or $1 each

(2) Colgate 360 toothbrush =$5.98
– $1/2 (SS 6/26)  = $4.98
– (2) $2 UPR = .98 for 2

Crest Pro Rinse or Oral B Pulsar = $4.99
-$2/1 (P&G 6/5) = $2.99
$4.50 SCR = $-1.60

Fixodent Cleanser = $3.99
$2/1 (P&G 6/5) = $1.99
$1 UPR = $.99

Super Cheap Oscar Meyer @ Tops

This week Oscar Meyer hot dogs are B1G1 at Tops, so you should be able to print two of these $.75/1 coupons from their Facebook page, and  they will double to $1.50 each giving you a total of $3.00 off, considering that’s about what a package usually runs, you might be able to score two for free…..

My new fireplace for free…..

Ok so it’s not a really a new fireplace, but it looks like one.

We have this awesome paneling, everywhere in our house, and boy, do I mean everywhere! The problem is sometimes it can be a bit too much for my design style to have the floors, doors, 6″ window & door trim, 8″ baseboards, huge valances, and the mantle all in the same wood. In my opinion it made the room look stuffy, dusty and old. Rather than embrace my retro 70’s abode like I did in other rooms, I really wanted my family room a little more warm and modern.

The problem is, we rent, and our landlords are REALLY fond of the wood. I have specific instructions to not hurt the trim, no paint, no nothing. Which was putting me in a design straight jacket. Just wait until you see my kitchen.

So I decided to take an old sheet that we no longer use, and staple it to the wall. Yep. I just measured it, made sure it was big enough, centered it and placed a minimal amount of staples right under the crown along the top. I’m probably not supposed to put holes in it, but it was only a few, and there was already a bunch in that piece of paneling anyways.

I just took my time and stretched it, and smoothed it out starting in the middle, making sure there was no wrinkles or anything, then tacked it at the bottom again, only about every 18″, It doesn’t to be anchored down. because nobody will be pulling on it or anything.

Then I rolled the excess at the side and bottom in, and tacked right through it. Voila. 15 minutes, no cutting, no sewing, no painting, no money spent, but I got a new modern fireplace.

You Win Some & You Lose Some

As awesome as it is for me to share all of my couponing successes, I feel an obligation to share the not so awesome trips that I have had. They are usually far and few between, but I guess they deserve mentioning. This weekend I went shopping at WAGs to pick up some good deals, but I ended up not doing as well as I thought, here’s what happened:

I went there thinking that I would get:

(3) 6 packs of Dove Men’s bar soap on sale 3/$18.00
-use (3) $4/1 coupons from 6/26 RP = $6.00
Get $6.00 RR = Free

(6) Rolls of sctoch packing tape on sale 2/$3.00 = $9.00
-use (6) $1/1 = 6/$3.00 or .50 cents each

(4) Dove Shower Tool = 4/$15
(2) B1G1 = 4/$7.50
$5 RR = 4/$2.50 = .63 cents each.

(4) Carefree Liners = 2/$4.00 = $8.00
(4) .50/1 (6/26 SS) = 2/$6.00
(2) $3/2 WAGS July = Free

Raid Bug Barrier = $7.99
$1/1 WAGS June = $6.99
$3/1 (6/12 SS) – $3.99

(2) Reach toothbrush = $6
(2) $1/1 (4/17 SS) = $4
(2) $2 RR = Free

They were out of the soap & the toothbrushes, so I had to get a raincheck.

So my theory was I could do this all in 2 transactions, so I could do two carefree and two of the reach toothbrush, and six of the rolls of tape which were a limit of 4, and pay about $8 out of pocket on the first transaction then roll the RR to the next and only pay about $2. BUT when I was cashing out on the first transaction, the total came to $10.40 which was more than I expected but not a big deal, but then when I did the second transaction for some reason the register wouldn’t accept 2 of my Scotch coupons or the $5 RR from the previous transaction. The cashier insisted it was because I had too many coupons per item, but that doesn’t make sense since I only had one MF coupon per item. So I ended up buying a candy bar, and not using one of the Scotch coupons to get the transaction to go through and paying a total of $4.29. Making my total $14.69.

Not a huge loss on money, but it was just a rather insignificant trip. It’s not the end of the world, but it was a big enough deal that it bothered me. I guess I just wanted to point out that it happens to all of us, and to not get discouraged! Keep going, because the day before I scored $225 worth of stuff for $25 at Rite Aid !!

$210 for Wall Letters?? I think not….

Continued from my previous post about when I was redecorating the nursery, as promised here comes money saving project #1.

I wanted to give my kids a personalized feel to their side of the room, especially since they will be sharing it for awhile. So I found some inspirations looking through pictures online, and decided I really like the wall letters that spell out their names, BUT they were pricey.

Anywheres from $10 – $15 a letter pricey, and both my kids have 7, letters in their name. Ouch.

So I sat down in my thinking chair and started to think, think, thiiiink….Maybe I can make these myself? Ok, not a bad idea, but I’m no carpenter, so I’ll have to buy some unfinished cuts outs then paint them myself.  But what I could find was still too pricey, for my budget. About $6 a letter.

Then I found the solution. That you could easily do with Microsoft Word and a printer. (I’m not gonna lie I am a digital arts major, so I have a bit more experience, and some really cool programs like Adobe Illustrator) But seriously, this is easy.

So I took the scrap booking paper I was already going to use for the squares on the wall, cut it to size to fit in my printer (8.5 x 11) then set up the layout so it was landscaped, with the page split in half. I then picked out a cute font, and put two letters per page.

After printing I trimmed them up so they were the all same size, punched a hole in each top corner, laid them out on the table stung a piece of thin ribbon through them. Then I went it the room and put a small nail an appropriate distance from the center of the wall and hung them. I took some larger ribbon and finished it off with a bow. Taa Daa

14 finished custom wall letters for my nursery for around $5 ?? Nice.

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