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Ok, so I am a self-proclaimed artist, (and an abstract one at that too) and I do realize that my personal decorating style may not match up with some other people’s idea of beauty, but keep in mind the things I post on here are just a glimpse into my life and into my home, and not meant to be copied exactly, but hopefully just to give ideas and start the creative juices flowing for somebody else’s home.

I guess my biggest piece of advice, is think outside the box. Most of the projects I will be posting on here, aren’t really that spectacular, it’s just that I have this crazy knack for thinking up the craziest ways to get a project done. My husband cringes every time he comes home and the DIY channel is on the TV, because he knows that I saw a project and figured out how to do it on our budget.


3 Wonderful Things I Learned About Decorating A Home On A Budget From Working At A Home Improvement Store, That Will Change Your Life Forever…..
(phew that’s a really long title)

1) OOPS paint, OOPS paint, OOPS paint. Oh my goodness, I can’t say it enough, this is my number one way to save money when designing on a budget. Why pay $25-30 for a gallon of paint when you can pay $5 ??? It’s a very rare occasion when I can’t find an oops paint to meet my projects design.¬†Search around at anywhere that paint is sold, you may have to ask, but you will find it. For those of you who have never heard of it, it’s pre-mixed paint colors that either, were mistakes an employee made that ended up not being quite the right color, or a color that got returned by a pesky customer. They could even just be gallons that have a missing or ripped label. Stores don’t want to pay Haz-Mat to get rid of them so they will sell it to you for dirt cheap. And if you can find a color that’s close to what you want, usually the employees can tint it a shade or two for you, and you can put $20 back in your pocket.

2) Look for Red, Green & Yellow tagged merchandise. Different stores have different label colors but any time you see that color, expect savings. Look for clearanced, discontinued, and damaged items. Sometimes you can awesome deals just because something has already been opened or scratched. If you are buying drywall or hardy-backer to do a small project look for sheets with a damaged corner and ask for a discount, most places will be more than happy to sell it to you discounted rather than moving it every time somebody doesn’t want that sheet. Look for bags of cement, thin set, and grout that have broken open and ask for a comparable discount.

3) In big stores, inventory changes and discontinues, when it does they place it in the overhead. If your shopping at a warehouse like Home Depot or Lowes, ask an employee about small quantities that may be stuck in the overhead that they would be looking to get rid of for dirt cheap.(They know they will just have to move it around 7 times before they can ” accidentally damage” it and throw it out)


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