$210 for Wall Letters?? I think not….

Continued from my previous post about when I was redecorating the nursery, as promised here comes money saving project #1.

I wanted to give my kids a personalized feel to their side of the room, especially since they will be sharing it for awhile. So I found some inspirations looking through pictures online, and decided I really like the wall letters that spell out their names, BUT they were pricey.

Anywheres from $10 – $15 a letter pricey, and both my kids have 7, letters in their name. Ouch.

So I sat down in my thinking chair and started to think, think, thiiiink….Maybe I can make these myself? Ok, not a bad idea, but I’m no carpenter, so I’ll have to buy some unfinished cuts outs then paint them myself.  But what I could find was still too pricey, for my budget. About $6 a letter.

Then I found the solution. That you could easily do with Microsoft Word and a printer. (I’m not gonna lie I am a digital arts major, so I have a bit more experience, and some really cool programs like Adobe Illustrator) But seriously, this is easy.

So I took the scrap booking paper I was already going to use for the squares on the wall, cut it to size to fit in my printer (8.5 x 11) then set up the layout so it was landscaped, with the page split in half. I then picked out a cute font, and put two letters per page.

After printing I trimmed them up so they were the all same size, punched a hole in each top corner, laid them out on the table stung a piece of thin ribbon through them. Then I went it the room and put a small nail an appropriate distance from the center of the wall and hung them. I took some larger ribbon and finished it off with a bow. Taa Daa

14 finished custom wall letters for my nursery for around $5 ?? Nice.