We’re all mad here….

So I sucked it up and decided to get back to work on redecorating our bedroom. Here’s a few of the projects that I’ve done. So far I’ve only spent about $65 on the whole project. The “theme” for our bedroom is “Alice’s day on the beach, down the Rabbit Hole”, like I’ve said before, me and my hubby’s design style is a bit “abstract” and you may not exactly like it, I just like to share, in hopes you can get some ideas for your own style preferences.

I had these two $5 night stand lamps that I bought at Walmart awhile ago, they were a great value but lacked personality. I love a good designer lampshade to accent, but they are so expensive! So I took some tulle and just started from the top, wrapping it around the lampshade and when I got to the bottom I tucked it in the bar on the bottom. It gave the shade some color and an awesome texture, and it is completely removable, if I ever want to change it I can just simply take it off. Total for this project: Free (but even if I didn’t have the stuff already it would only cost about $15 for two lamps)

The next project was an offshoot of the lamps. My husband calls them the “giant loofas”. I took the leftover tulle I had and did a large (messy) basting stitch across the top, ruffled it and (for lack of a better term) “squished” it until I thought it looked good then placed a few stitches to secure it that way. I attached them to the wall with a staple gun (my designing best friend). Total for this project: Free

Then I painted an old desk we had picked up off the side of the road awhile ago. It was painted a hideous brown, but I saw the potential in it. It took me awhile to decide what to do with it, but I knew it was perfect for this project. I think I have to go look for a clear coat to make sure it is sealed really nice and doesn’t get scratched.  I’ll let you know how much that costs, but so far, I only spent $1.20 for some acrylic paint at the craft store.

Next I went shopping at the craft store and picked up some large flowers. Every one of them was in the 70% off bin in the back of the store. I NEVER pay full price for fake flowers because there is always some on clearance somewhere. I wasn’t about to shell out around $30 for a floor vase to  put them in, so when I happened to stumble upon a roll of teal duct tape, I knew I had found a winner. I just finished the bottom off like I was wrapping up a bouquet, then stapled the flowers to the wall in a few strategic places. The flowers cost me about $6, and the duct tape was $5. Making the total for this project $11.

While I was at the store, Zeke found some awesome fabric that matched my theme perfectly, and I knew exactly what I wanted to do with it. Make a kite. Yep I’m weird. So I went and bought some ribbon to make the tail. I took cardboard I had laying around, cut it into a diamond shape, then I bent it down the middle to give it some shape, I wrapped the fabric around, tacking it on the back with a hot glue gun, being careful not to stretch it too tight and flatten the cardboard. I secured it to the wall with the teal duct tape I bought, since my staples weren’t long enough. I draped the ribbon and secured it with duct tape also, the used the scrap fabric I had left over to make the bows, which got tacked on with the staple gun, and I also had enough to make a pillowcase too. Total: $10 for fabric, and $2 for ribbon.

The “curtains” I bought were only $5 a panel…. outrageous right??  Why? Because they are twin flat sheets that I buy at Wal Mart. All I do it rip the stitches out of each end of the large hem at the top and slide them on the rod. Voila. The cheapest darn curtains you will ever find that aren’t ugly. My whole house has them on the windows. (And on another note, the twin sheets costs $5 but the pillowcases are $8? Why? Lord only knows, but just do yourself a favor and buy the sheet for $5 and get  9+ yards of fabric, and then make yourself crazy pillowcases) Total for curtains: $40


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