My new fireplace for free…..

Ok so it’s not a really a new fireplace, but it looks like one.

We have this awesome paneling, everywhere in our house, and boy, do I mean everywhere! The problem is sometimes it can be a bit too much for my design style to have the floors, doors, 6″ window & door trim, 8″ baseboards, huge valances, and the mantle all in the same wood. In my opinion it made the room look stuffy, dusty and old. Rather than embrace my retro 70’s abode like I did in other rooms, I really wanted my family room a little more warm and modern.

The problem is, we rent, and our landlords are REALLY fond of the wood. I have specific instructions to not hurt the trim, no paint, no nothing. Which was putting me in a design straight jacket. Just wait until you see my kitchen.

So I decided to take an old sheet that we no longer use, and staple it to the wall. Yep. I just measured it, made sure it was big enough, centered it and placed a minimal amount of staples right under the crown along the top. I’m probably not supposed to put holes in it, but it was only a few, and there was already a bunch in that piece of paneling anyways.

I just took my time and stretched it, and smoothed it out starting in the middle, making sure there was no wrinkles or anything, then tacked it at the bottom again, only about every 18″, It doesn’t to be anchored down. because nobody will be pulling on it or anything.

Then I rolled the excess at the side and bottom in, and tacked right through it. Voila. 15 minutes, no cutting, no sewing, no painting, no money spent, but I got a new modern fireplace.


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